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When you think of tortilla chips you're likely thinking about gathering with friends and family, belly full, tastes that take you to a fun and exciting time. That's exactly what Chicas Chips are and even more!

Chicas began with our founder, Irlanda Montes and her love for family, gathering, and great food. Irlanda was born in Ecuador and came to Southern California as a young girl. Memories of her mother's "famous" salsa and homemade chips captivated her entrepreneurial spirit and in 2011 she decided to embark on a journey of sharing her mother's recipes with the world. With no money or experience in the food industry, but with her family by her side, she knew she had all she needed.

The founder Irlanda Montes in her kitchen with her two daughters enjoying Chicas products.
Irlanda Montes with her three sisters smiling for the camera at the Chicas chips factory in California.


In the early years of the brand, Irlanda's three sisters joined alongside her to help make chips in the kitchen. Everyday was filled with love, laughter and the smell of great chips in the air. In Ecuador nobody calls each other by their name. Every girl is Chica, so all day long you would hear "Chica this..Chica that".

After about a year, all the sisters moved onto other ventures, and Irlanda decided that her chips needed a new name.


Named after her sisters and all the wonderful memories they created that year.

Photo: Irlanda Montes on the far left followed by her three sisters

June 2023


Irlanda and her husband Ray continued to put all their time and effort into making sure Chicas was the best tasting, crunchiest and the most craved tortilla chip in the market. These chips are made with the best ingredients and are more than just tortilla chips.

They are Family. They are Perseverance. They are Strength. They are Togetherness.

And they sure are Tasty!!!

Today, Chicas continues to be family operated. Irlanda, along with her husband and daughter, take pride in making and serving you the same wholesome and delicious tortilla chips and salsa shared at their own family gatherings. 

A picture of our founder Irlanda Montes and her husband.
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